Dragons Really CARE about Charity


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We're starting a new charity event with CARE here at Gameloft! CARE works around the globe to help those in need with projects focused on education, health, and economic empowerment. We wanted to help them in their fight against poverty, but we knew we couldn't do it without our players.

That's why we're calling the event "Stronger Together", because we know that if we work together nothing can stop us from making the world a better place.

Playing With Dragons

To spice things up even more, we are also getting help from three big YouTubers for the "Stronger Together" event: Bobby Duke, Annie LeBlanc, and Quackalakes. All three had exclusive dragons designed after them, really reflecting their unique personalities.

During “Stronger Together”, everyone can vote for the YouTuber (or dragon) they like the most with special charity tokens that will then unlock the YouTuber’s dragon in Dragon Mania Legends.

The rules of the game are simple: whoever gets the most votes wins.

There is one small detail: The rarity of each dragon will be determined by the number of votes and if they get enough, their first element will become legendary!

At the same time, everything contributes to the collective total with two possible CARE dragons waiting to be unlocked.

For all of you waiting to find out which dragon is right for you, keep reading!

Meet the Dragons


Bobby Duke’s YouTube videos focus on his wooden crafts and he couldn't be happier with his new baby dragon, Carmine. Carmine will start out as with the energy element, but if Bobby gets enough votes will move on to plant then metal!


Annie is Aloe's sweet new dragon and matches her gymnast, actor, and singer lifestyle perfectly. Aloe will begin "Stronger Together" with the plant element before growing into the metal and then energy elements!

Quackalakes is a longtime Dragon Mania Legends fan and she just loves Murano, her new sweet metal dragon. With enough votes, Murano will go from metal to energy to plant!

A Better World

To really get in on all the dragon fun that's helping CARE, we're donating everything from the event and setting a minimum donation of $50,000. The best part of "Stronger Together" is how no matter who ends up being the final winner, we'll all have shown the world our strength as a community.

Every vote counts! Be the difference in someone’s life and start helping create a better world by downloading Dragon Mania Legends and participating in “Stronger Together” today!