Men in Black 3 HD

Men in Black 3 HD

For the first time ever, you can be the boss of your own MIB agency.
Create and manage your organization, meet dozens of aliens and take down intergalactic enemies with your agents and high-tech weapons.
In the field you’ll become a young agent, who, with the help of Agent O, Agent K and Frank, fights against a new threat to humanity lead by the vile Radiant.
Not only will you interact with many faithfully recreated characters and aliens from the Men in Black universe, but you will also have access to special gadgets and weapons like the Neuralyzer, the infamous Noisy Cricket, and more.

  • The official game of 2012’s exciting action blockbuster, Men in Black 3
  • Create and manage your own MIB agency as you train agents and send them on missions.
  • Visit your friends' agencies and team up to defeat the most powerful aliens.
  • Access a wide range of MIB weapons and gadgets like Deatomizers or the infamous Noisy Cricket.
  • Meet dozens of aliens faithfully recreated from the Men in Black universe.
  • Everything you'd expect from MIB with time traveling, humor and the chance to use the Neuralyzer.

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